The blog is live

We’ve had a few ups and downs on with the launching of the site. Msotly downs to be honst as we try and fix all the typos and misspellings, add in the missing figures and broken links and so on. Even so, it’s doing OK and is attracting visitors and links alike.

As noted before, the main site is designed to be pretty static so those wanting up-to-date pterosaur information will be wanting to use the blog more than the main site. So it’s great news that we have actually managed to get that going now and already there are a couple of introductory posts by me up there and Mark Witton is reporting on his pterosaur building project as well as reviewing some old pterosaur related books. So hop on over there to enjoy some hot-off-the-press pterosaur goodness. I’ll be away for a few days, I’m off to Laioning again, so that should give you something to read while the Musings is quiet.

Oh and the comments seem to be down, I can’t approve or post comments, even my own. I assume it’s temporary but you may have to wait a bit, sorry.

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