Yet another post on Dsungaripterus

Yes I know there have been a few of these of late, but hell there’s lots of material and reconstructions on display and I do like pterosaurs. However, where before this tended to manifest itself on various casts this time we can go to both extremes. First off, an actual original skull and one of CC Young’s type specimens) from the IVPP which should be an improvement on the previous posts.

Secondly there is this rather nice painting of Dsungaripterus that hangs in the IVPP museum though annoyingly with no indication of who did it or when. I rather assume it’s quite old and was probably done to coincide with the description or mounting of the original material. Still, it’s pretty good and I’ve never seen it reproduced anywhere else so seemed a nice little feature to cover.

On thing that is perhaps worth commenting on is the crest. As has been noted before, while a great many pterosaurs do indeed have a variety of bony crests quite a few also combined bone with soft tissues and these often have a pretty distinctive bone texture. As such even when the preservation of the specimen means you wouldn’t get any softs preserved, it’s pretty likely that they were there in life. Dsungaripterus is one such example where the bony crest is pretty short but has all the hallmarks of having something rather bigger attached. While this is illustrated very occasionally (like the banner on here for starters) it’s very rarely seen, despite the good evidence we have for it. Another small example of pterosaur representation lagging behind the actual science.

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