Another short post on IVPP ornithischians and time for a return to the most armoured of armoured dinosaurs – the anyklosaurs. This is a specimen of a very young Pinacosaurus and the whole specimen is only about 20 cm long, so the whole animal would have been well under a metre in life. Even so the various armoured plates are already quite thick and tough and you can see the ‘box-head’ structure appearing on the skull and the various bands of armour over the neck and back.

Pinacosaurs is really quite common out at Bayan Mandahu, so much so that the first dinosaur specimen I ever found was a piece of jaw with some teeth in belonging to a young animal. We found a number of largely complete individuals last year and this is not uncommon with the Sino-Canadian Dinosaur Project team uncovering quite a few in the 1980s. Like other ankylosaurs the taxonomy is not in the best of shape but I know work is underway on a revision and redescription of several specimens to sort out the names so hopefully will be complete to everyone’s satisfaction in a year or two.

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