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So it turns out that I have been put on yet another list of ‘blogs for X’, in this case a list of “100 excellent blogs for science teachers“. A number of other famous / infamous palaeobloggers are on there too, but the whole thing has quite a few good looking sites that are probably worthy of perusal if you have not seen them before.

Also while I’m on the subject of science communication, the evergreen (well, mostly orange) Ask A Biologist is still going strong three and half years in and 2100 questions later. Thanks to a bit of funding grubbing we also now have significant funds to revamp the whole site and that process is now well underway – expect a relaunch next year. We are as ever keen to recruit new academics to our ranks and to advertise our presence as widely as possible so do please link to us and send our address to any people you know who are keen on biology and science.

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