Oh look, my new book is out.

FishOK, so you probably all know about this already since I suspect I have few readers who don’t read Tetrapod Zoology religiously (and if not, why not?) and yes, this indeed the same book that Darren is promoting. I really can’t take much credit for this – I was basically filling in a few gaps and did something like 12 entries of dinosaurs and pterosaurs in a 500 page encyclopedia covering all of prehistoric life.
However, my copy has been sent to my UK address so I’ve not actually seen the thing yet and can really only tell you that at least 12 of the entries are very good. I hope that it is and I hope people enjoy it, but really this is all I can offer apart from a link to Amazon. Feel free not to tell me if it’s terrible, ignorance being bliss and all that (meaning a great many mainstream media people should be the happiest on Earth ho-ho-ho).

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