Various Yixian fossils: non-archosaurs ahoy!

IMGP3465Obviously much of the attention on Chinese palaeontology focuses on the dinosaurs and the Yixian is no exception given the spectacular feathered dinosaur finds that have been made there. However while these of course provide us with a great deal of exciting new information about dinosaurs and have grabbed the public’s imagination, there are records of a great many diverse and interesting things preserved in the Yixian. As such it has a decent claim to being the best recoded Mesozoic ecosystem that we know of and perhaps one of the best of all time, there are reptiles, amphibians, trees, crustaceans, mammals, insects, fruits, fish, birds, leaves and more. It’s quite a collection, even if much of it is essentially only present as a two dimensional plan on a slab.

This post is essentially just a bunch of photos from various museums in Lianoning of things on display that show off some of this diversity. As such you can look forward to only a minimal number of archosaurs, but plenty of spectacular fossils. Much of these are unlabeled or are of uncertain identity so forgive me for not adding any more commentary or figure captions, just enjoy the pictures and appreciate what we have preserved in this fantastic fossil assemblage.



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2 Responses to “Various Yixian fossils: non-archosaurs ahoy!”

  1. 1 Matt Martyniuk 12/08/2009 at 6:03 am

    Very cool, thanks! Surprised to see “modern-style” ginkgo leaves in there. I remember a critique of one of my older drawings which claimed the fan-shaped ginkgo leaves didn’t appear until the Cenozoic, and that all Mesozoic leaves were the elongated, lobed variety.

    Too bad there aren’t more galleries with photos like this online, it would be very valuable to paleoartists.

  2. 2 Tony Ware 30/08/2009 at 11:27 am

    A little disparity, please? Thank you for posting this article, I really appreciate it, being an armchair paleontologist. I don’t post to submissions such as these normally, but what I see is obviously worth the effort. Keep asking, keep digging, don’t quit. I love you guys.

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