A roundup of the week

Given the amount of posts that have gone up this week and the frenzy with which I have been handling e-mails from people asking questions about the various papers that have come out and even more requesting copies as well as a few from the media. This week has certainly raised my profile a bit in that I have had more ‘random’ contact e-mails than ever before.

So for those who have joined late or missed some of the posts that have come up here while being distracted by the big shiny posts on behaviour and pterosaurs, this will act as a reminder and a lazy post for me after a hectic week.

The big paper on theropod behaviour.

Another paper on pterosaur soft tissues.

An interview with Xu Xing on his work on dino-birds.

The media fall-out from the theropod paper, including the Independent, Daily Mail, Telegraph and GQ (eh?). It’s also turned up in Hungarian, Russian, German, Thai, Indian, Brazilian, Zimbabwean, Malaysian and New Zealand newspapers / websites as well as getting on Yahoo! News, MSNBS, and Science Daily.

The fall out from the pterosaur paper including appearing in National Geographic and Nature websites.

The first circular for the 2010 Flugsaurier meeting in Beijing.

An interview with me about my work both academic and sci-comms wise.

Some rather nice ornithischians from Liaoning and finally…

A giant compsognathid.

Right, now back to the proofs of yet another paper and final edits to one I hope to submit this week. It’s been a good week overall, but it’s also been very, very busy. Finally, thanks for all the nice e-mails and comments that have come in, and if you want copies of either of this weeks papers (or any others for that matter) let me know and I’ll tyr and get them to you.

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