Pterosaurs coming soon & theropods in the media

Dave Hone - media star. Possibly.

Dave Hone - media star. Possibly.

I’m just waiting for the connection to pick up properly with the excellent Research Blogging site to post the stuff on pterosaur soft tissues. In the meantime I’m delighted (somewhat) to see that the theropod behaviour paper has made the Independent newspaper in the UK. You too can play ‘spot the things that were not in the press release’ and the SVP ‘banana drinking game‘ if you click on the above link.

EDIT: Oli Rauhut will be on BBC 5live this evening talking about the theropod paper, after 6:30 GMT or so I am told.

EDIT again: We are also in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, inthenews. littleabout, and perhaps most bizarrely, GQ.

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