Sinofossa tours

I have not really had any cause to mention anything commercial on here before but since this involves dinosaurs, science education and China I can hardly avoid it. Regular Musings commenter Jerry Harris asked that I mention his SinoFossa tours at some point and here it is. Jerry, Matt Lammana and Andrew Milner (not that one, you know, the other one) among other run semi-regular tours to China where you are taken around various museums, collections, quarries and the like and get to see a whole ton of Chinese dinosaur (and other) fossils and of course have all your questions answered by the on hand experts. It’s something of a rarity and great opportunity so if you are interested take a look at the site linked to above.

While I am on the subject Jerry recently put together a large gallery of images form the most recent tour that passed through the IVPP this summer. To take a gander at all these excellent pictures and to see some familiar faces (human and reptile) go here.

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