Back from Liaoning – lots to see and showing off a feathered theropod

IMGP3379Well I have returned from my very brief soujourn to Lianoning, home of the magnificent and very importnat Jehol biota (famous for its exceptionally preserved fossils like the amphibian shown above)  and I have been to three new museums (well new to me, though one is in itself very new) had a dig in part of the Yixian Formation and seen loads of new and exciting things that I’ll be covering here in the next week or so. There is, understandably, lots to talk about and report on and pictures to show off and it’ll come through with time so stay tuned. I will be covering pterosaurs, birds, soem theropods and too many psittacosaurs as well as some notes on the formation itself and the museums.

In the meantime, I did see one thing I want to include here right now: an exceptional theropod. It has all its various feathers in a perfect natural arrangement including both primaries and secondaries on the wings, as well as skin on the legs and keratinous claws etc. I suspect the original internal organs might still be present but one simply can’t see becuase of all the surface integumentary stuff that is present. Careful removal of some of this or imaging with x-rays / CT scans might show it up with luck. Sadly the other speciemns were not as good as this one, but I’ll be showing some of them in due course, so do come back for more. Enjoy!


Proper posts coming with *fossil* feathered theropods and so on from tomorrow.

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  1. 1 Michael Ogden Erickson 30/07/2009 at 2:30 am

    You got me going there! BTW, that’s one beautiful salamandaer/newt/whatever fossil!

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