Good days and bad days

Just a nothing little post this, but I rarely talk about my work or life as a researcher and I think amny people would find it interesting to learn a bit more about what we do. Actually, they probably won’t find it interesting, but rather enlightening as it’s probably rather diffeent to what they expect.

Anyway today was a vey mixed day in some senses as a lot of dispirate things kind of came together, both good and bad. On the bad front I found out a fellowship I had applied for has been turned down (kind of expected but still not good) and that several colleagues who I have not had the chance to see in a long time will be visiting the IVPP very soon – while I am in the field, so I almost certainly won’t see them. On the upside however, I have formally had a paper accepted today (one that has been dragging its feet and that I am rather proud of), managed to finish another (well, it’ll sink into the blackhole of co-authors next, but at least it’s off my desk) and managed to get approval on an erratum for a previous paper that I really should have done months ago but got held up by my not being able to contact the editor.

Well, that’s about it, a mixed day, but overall a very positive one. Now back to the grindstone of dinosaur behavioural ecology, sauropod necks and pterosaur wings. It’s a hard life. (Sometimes).

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