Xixia Museum of Dinosaur Fossil Eggs of China

museumThe dinosaur park described recently acts as the entrance to two buildings, both dealing primarily with dinosaur eggs. I’ll cover this bit (the actual main museum with a horribly convoluted name) quite briefly as there is not much to say about it that has not been said about other museums on here before (oh, do check out the new ‘Museums etc.’ category where I have cobbled together my various museum and zoo reviews and sections on the workings on museums). However there were a few nice touches that are worth talking about and of course the huge collection of eggs.

imgp2781As the name suggests this place really goes in for eggs and they have collections of perhaps 30 nests of various kinds from small clusters of hen’s egg sized ones to giants with 30 or more eggs each bigger than that of on ostrich and in a nest that is the best part of two metres across. If you like dinosaur eggs there are few if any places with such a great public display.

imgp2787There are also a few bones and teeth of various animals that have been discovered locally, though if you have been keeping up with the posts on the fieldwork you’ll know that there’s not much out there. Oddly there is a small ‘4-D’ theatre that shows a little movie of a baby dinosaur in 3-D with I assume the 4th dimension being the effects that get the audience (blasts of water when it rains on screen etc.). The whole this is very popular with visitors if not really very exciting or educational.

tunnelThe last section of the museum is a well done tunnel lined with fossils and murals that takes you through time from the Precambrian to the Mesozoic. It’s a fairly commonly used concept but well executed here. As you leave the tunnel you enter a large circular glasshouse with more dinosaurs but this time animatronic ones that represent various Chinese taxa like Dsungaripterus, Oviraptor and Tarbosaurus that (occasionally) move and roar at you. The concept is really rather nice even if much of the execution needs work and could certainly be upgraded in the future or adapted by other places.
That really is it for the museum, next up the final part of the complex – the egg tunnels of Xixia.

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  1. 1 Kerstin Kaehler 30/12/2009 at 6:38 pm

    The whole are of Fu Niu Shan is great for a getaway from places like Shanghai – where I live and which I love but… – especially since after the museum you can go for a hike along Fu Niu Canyon – bring your bathing gear, the water’s clean! Or at least it was in 2007.
    And if you have the time, make a small detour to neighbouring Nei Xiang. They have a Yamen (magistrate’s court) from Yuan Dynasty that is in amazingly good repair and has not been renovated to within an inch of its life.

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