Once more into the, errr, field, dear friends

Yes this week I am heading back into the field to go and find some more dinosaur bones in the Chinese wilderness. Last summer we were in Inner Mongolia to the north west and this time out we’ll be going down south to Henan province. I have actually been to Henan before a few years back, but the ‘fieldwork’ was limited to a procession of vists to old quarries without actually getting ‘down and dirty’ to look for specimens beyond collecting a few eggshell pieces on the surface. As a result I am looking forward to getting out again and seeing more of another part of China.

fgh-358The obvious flipside is that getting any posting done is likely to be tricky. Bar the odd trip into town I doubt I’ll have too much internet access for the next three weeks or so. As a result don’t expect much to come up here for a bit and do remember that I can’t approve comments or reply to others in that time. Don’t abandon me though – I’ll try and make sure a few things appear here when I can and my access might be much greater thjan I fear in which case I’ll be posting fairly normally. See you in May!

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