Happy Birthday, or 100th post, or something

The Musings has effectively had two incarnations, this one, and the original on DinoBase (there was a brief aborted version way before this that I don’t really count). While I notice everyone seems happy to mark their various blog ‘birthdays’ and records, it’s hard for me to keep track of. I passed my “one year in blogging” anniversary a couple of months back without realising it, so I missed that one.

This is my 100th post on the Mk II musings, but that is a bit dodgy too because I imported a bunch of Mk I posts with new edits and pictures, so they don’t really count, so that’s not quite right either.

In total though, I’ve done well over 100 posts (over 150 actually) and have been going for more than a year (closer to 15 months actually). So, errrr, well done me. I would like to thank those who have contributed comments, links and especially the guest posters (more of these soon I hope) and please keep reading. Please. Go on, please. Really.

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