Congratulations to Luis Rey

My friend the palaeoartist Luis Rey (a number of whose images have adorned this blog from time to time, including the wonderful banner) has reminded me that he was the recipient of the Lazendorf Award for 2-D artwork at this year’s Society for Vertebrate Paleontology meeting (just gone) for the best piece of palaeoart for 2008.

Of course my congratulations go to Luis for his superb artwork, and my thanks for allowing me to use his images for free (quite a privilege given that he has to earn his money through his work, so he is basically giving it away). In this case he is happy for me to show off the award winning spread that shows an Alectrosaurs attacking a Gigantoraptor nesting ground.

Gigantoraptor - Alectrosaurus by Luis Rey

Gigantoraptor - Alectrosaurus by Luis Rey

So here it is. You can actually see a bigger version on Luis’ site here as well as many other pieces of his. While I am plugging him, don’t forget this awesome tome he recently produced with Tom Holtz. It’s target audience is the enthusiastic amateur, but it is written at a much higher level than many other books of dinosaurs and I actually use it for reference on occasion (you will never see a better introduction to cladistics for example, I used it in my classes last year).holtzcover

By the way, while I have a few people’s attentions, Luis is looking for someone to help him make a new / upgraded website. Drop him a line if you are interested.

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  1. 1 Bryan Riolo 19/10/2011 at 4:19 am

    Hey! Luis Rey does some magnificent work! Always daring, well researched and exciting to look at. Congratulations!

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