A few bits and bobs (OK, mostly links)

A few things have cropped up in the last couple of days that are worth commenting on, but not necessarily needing a whole post each, so I’ll just cram them all together here.

Having just put up a bunch of posts on the importance of science communication and science education I have been directed to this little site: ‘why science’ which seems to be dealing with the same issue directly from academics. It’s clearly not been going long and will soon add up to quite a resource, but it well worth checking out.

In a similar vein, a contributor to why science, Dr Adam Rutherford is the presented of this great half-hour feature on teaching evolution in UK schools, based at the Guardian newspaper (home, of course, of bad science). I found it most interesting and there were some great ideas in there of interest, I think, to any teacher of evolution.

That piece in turn featured

Finally, coming up shortly this week, a guest post on a little known stegosaurian by my friend Dr Susie Maidment. And just to make sure this post isn’t completely dull, have a photo of a nice picture of an IVPP shipping crate with a little theropod stencil on it. It’s actually vaguely relevant as it’s from the IVPP’s storage site out in the Beijing suburbs that I hope to visit again this week to collect some pterosaur skulls, check soem dromaeosaur teeth and take a few photos of sauropod bones. No rest for the wicked.dsc_0032

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