Don’t waste your time or mine

I do want to show this picture because I thought it would amuse. But please don’t bother pointing out the flaws in the damn thing, it’ll take forever. And don’t ask me who made it (I don’t know) or where I found the picture (I don’t want to say). Still, there is something familiar about it….

5 Responses to “Don’t waste your time or mine”

  1. 4 Darren Naish 10/10/2008 at 6:51 am

    “Great – now I have guilt!”

    “Oh, uh, Mr Lightyear, uh, now, I’m curious. What does a space ranger actually do?”

    “I’m going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it. I think I’m just coming off as annoying”

    Ah, the benefits of having children…

  1. 1 Don’t waste your time or mine Pt. 2 « Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings Trackback on 12/10/2008 at 2:13 pm
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