A new blog arises in Mexico (kind of)

Last night following a series of long discussions and a fair amount of tequila and rum Dino Frey decided it was time to get in on the act of blogging, and thus a new blog was born. Not bad really given the time of night, though as you will see it was hadly the biggest launch in history. Dino and I are of course in mexico, so who knows when we will next get online and have a chance to write up soem of this, but I am very pleased he has chosen to take the plunge. He is one of the leading experts in pterosaurs (in addition to having published on crocodiles, fishes, ammonites, homonids, sauropods, and others) and loves his biomechanics and functional morphology among much else. I am sure he will soon be in the swing and throwing out interesting posts.

For now though, you´ll have to settle for a photo of him standing next to one of our field trucks which has possibly the best palaeo bumper sticker ever, even if it is a bit faded. More soon. Ish. Probably.

Mexican transport

Mexican transport

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