Hope springs eternal

Another picture and not much text and not much point (rather like Andy Capp). Anyway, I was out at the IVPP’s satellite facility a few weeks back and took a few photos which I will put up when time allows and I have nothing else on hand.

It\'s cold out, get your jacket

It's cold out, get your jacketd

Sadly it’s not where satellites are made, but where large specimens are stored (like sauropods), casting and mounting equipment, and unprepared field jackets of specimens. Here you can see the large collection of pieces from previous expeditions in various states of preparation. Most of them have been opened up so you can see what is inside, but little has been done beyond that. As you can imagine it is a room of treasures, with various undescribed dinosaurs and bits of crocs, pterosaurs and other goodies vying for space in the cramped rooms. My guess is there is work here for a dozen preparators for a couple of years, and this is not the only room like this. And now there is a fair bit more coming back as a result of the latest IVPP foray into the field.

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