And thus was born a name…

To be perfectly honst, even I’m not too fond of the name “Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings” but I ended up with it and then it stuck. For those who might be confused I thought I’d set the record straight as although I kinda mentioned it on the Mk. 1 musings, it never got a full exposition.

It started (as things are wont to do) more or less on a whim, I was already contributing heavily to the DinoBase forums (as indeed I still am) but rather than being purely reactionary, I decided that despite a previously aborted blog (after all of two posts) it was worth me getting a few ideas out as well. I thought that having my own section on DB woulf allow me to write about things to an already interested audeince, but by being part of a bigger network, there would be no pressure to do so regulalry. However, my own productivity / boredom, soon meant I was racking up the number of posts quickly but was irritated by the lack of visitors.

So I did the most obvious thing there was available to me and badgered my friends and colleagues who already had blogs and asked them to promote me on their sites. Of course the immediate question was what to call it. Rather by default on DinoBase it was simply listed as “Dave Hone’s Blog” which not only was not very exciting, but also did not really give much of a hint as to what it was about. The problem was rapidly solved by Darren Naish (pictured with Fodonyx) who simply ‘named’ me himself on his blog, leaving me with the full title you see here.

Thus a name was born. I am indeed Dave Hone, musings is pretty accurate given my lack of citations and links in general, and I certainly do blog on archosaurs (archosauromorphs might be a little more accurate, but I’m not going to split hairs) and so you have it. On balance I would have preferred something a little catchier, but hey, it saves me the trouble of thinking of a name so I can’t complain too much.

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