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Jungchang LuBy chance I came across this piece yesterday and though it worth sharing. Again it features me being quoted (this time alongside Dong Zhimin – yay) so of course you should all be desperate to read it, but it is interesting in its own right. While the story of the Chinese eating dinoaur bones as ‘medicine’ is hardly new – the source certainly is – a colossal new Late Cretaceous dinosaur bearing formation in China’s Henan province.

Press launch of HuanghetitanThose keeping up with the literature might have noticed a trickle coming out Henan (like the sauropod Huanghetitan [pictured] and the ankylosaur Zhongyuansaurus) and into the public realm (mostly thanks to Jungchang Lu [pictured] who has been the project leader out there) but I can assure poeople there is plenty more to come. Jungchang was kind enough to invite me out there as an advisor during a site viewing last year and progress has been good. While obviously I can’t talk about other people’s research, there are exciting new discoveries being made (which includes new taxa) and the possible age of the horizon could bring great excitiment. As ever, you’ll have to wait for the papers to come out, but the future is very bright in China beyond the already ludicriously rich beds of Lianoning and Xinjiang.

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